I have over 20 years of experience in web development, application development and multi-media development. Most of this work has been in and around health care, public health, health care applications and product development. Initially working with the C. Everett Koop Institute at

dr koop Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, I created and produced dozens of websites for Public Health and PSA work while there. This culminated in creating a small animation team (10 people) that put together a 20 minute animated movie – Smokey Lies. (Unfortunately with Dr. Koop’s passing, the website for CEKI that I helped design and the Smokey Lies website and movie are no longer available.)

After leaving the C. Everett Koop Institute I went to work for the Interactive Media Lab formerly located in Lebanon, New Hampshire. There I was initially Associate Producer as well as a designer and 3D animator. I eventually moved into work as a manager of multiple multi-media projects including the web presence. We produced many pieces here over the years that I am very proud of and won many awards. Working with Dr. Joseph Henderson, this work was spun out of Dartmouth and became World 2 Systems, of which I am a partner.


The last few years I expanded my skill set into business development under a National Institutes of Health Grant – The Center for the Translation of Rehabilitation Engineering Advances and Technology or TREAT. Maintaining my focus of applying technology to health care needs I created the infrastructure for this center as well as helped over 100 different people through investigating their product and idea and seeing how well it could work in the Health Care space. This was very rewarding work, but my interest in doing this work ultimately led to the creation of Bee Balm Productions.


Today I have developed and managed multiple websites and online web applications – often times creating very complex e-learning products and I have assisted many people getting their businesses off the ground. You can see a number of these on our portfolio page. My focus is design specific to user interface and user experience. I have had the privilege over the years of working with very talented programmers, designers, and illustrators. This work always focused on creating the best user experience so that the core audience can get the information they needJosh Nelson - Owner - Bee Balm Productions as well as be engaged as they are exploring or using a new website or e-learning application. We want to bring this experience to your project, and make your idea/business grow.


We really appreciate you visiting Bee Balm Productions and look forward to working with you soon!


– Josh Nelson